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  • applicant-management

    Choose between individual specifications.

    You already placed ads, received applications and now you need a short-term support on the applicant selection? You want to outsource the ad placement but choose and assort the applicants by yourself? We will be pleased to support you!

  • DiSG/INSIGHTS - personality assessments
    DiSG/INSIGHTS - personality assessments

    DiSG, INSIGHTS MDI - for the optimum selection of your employees

    In order to support you even better on your selection of perfectly matching human resources, we deploy the DiSG® /-or INSIGHTS MDI® screening by request. In this way you avoid fluctuation or wrong decisions.

  • acrofee - the good fairy for your household
    acrofee - the good fairy for your household

    "good fairies" for your household!

    You don't have the time to search for a reliable domestic help that complies with your wishes?
    You don't feel like caring for bureaucratic matters? You want to be out of the legal liability but on the safer side? Then you better get to know your individual "good fairy"!

  • We put together what belongs together!
    We put together what belongs together!

    We put together what belongs together!
    You are currently searching for a new job? You urgently need fitting staff? With our diversified proposal we offer the ideal solutions for highly qualified employees and companies who want to set things in motion...


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Contact persons for foreign workers
C. Jonientz-Brauner frankreich

christine jonientz brauner

Personnel consultant

Tel.: +49 (0)781 63 99 36-47


Zoltan Lippairumaenien

zoltan lippai

Recruiting Romania

Tel.: +49 (0)7821 90 99 6-63


Nezhlya Mestanbulgarien

nezhlya mestan

Recruiting Bulgaria

Tel.: +49 (0)7841 70 25-21


Katharina Swierkotpolen

katharina swierkot

Recruiting Poland

Tel.: +49 (0)7422 27 00 7-0


Marisa Crisantekroatien

marisa crasante

Personnel dispatcher

Tel.: +49 (0)7422 27 00 7-12


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