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The AECdisc® and DISG® personality profile


Step out of your shadow and discover your talents!

For those, who …

… want to change professionally, to realign, to go into business for themselves

… want to discover themselves

… want to improve their assossiation with people

… are searching for consultancy (e.g. apply properly, be effective at job interviews, continue professional development potentialities etc.)

The greatest talents often lie in secrecy


The DISG-personality profile dates back to the researches of the US-citizen William Marston. He examined the behaviors and emotions of people. At this juncture the 4 prototypes originated, who - in the course of time - got circumscribed in German with the terms “dominant“, „”initiativ“, “stetig“ and “gewissenhaft“.

By using DISG you can scrutinize yourself and your effects towards others, learn to predict people in your own environment superiorly, to avoid misunderstandings. DISG is scientifically established and frequently examined for reliability.

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Christine Jonientz-Brauner

christine jonientz brauner

Personnel consultant

Tel.: +49 (0)781 63 99 36-47

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Answering these questions (online) takes about 15 minutes. During a one-on-one interview you receive a 20-page report about your behavioural preferences, and helpful details about how to improve your knowledge of human nature.


Our associate Mrs. Jonientz-Brauner is pleased to help you!


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