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Gladly involve us on to your personnel planning!

In the modern organisation of working processes, felxible solutions and a talent for improvisation are needed.

We manage to absorb seasonal fluctuations, an increased scope of an order, as well as shortages by means of illness or leave effectively.

We provide you fast and straightforwardly with fitting staff, depending on your wishes related to the job spezification and the requirement profile.

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It doesn't matter if it's in the industrial, medical, trading or technical sector, we find the matching employee for you! You test the suitable colleague and assume him if he fits your requirements. Actually at no charge after the lapse of a year.

Charge rate:

  • You just pay the appointed hourly wage rate for the actually worked hours (we bear the financial responsibility for illness or leave).
  • You determine the duration of the commitment
  • Free of charge assumption after the lapse of a year
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