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Contact and coordinator on-site

On-site-management is worth your while, if the coordination of external personnel is too arduous for you, or if you quite simply haven't got the suitable personnel. In other words: if you need an external specialist that deals with the full issues relating to personnel and ensures working processes for your company.

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Why to integrate an on-site-manager?

With an on-site-manager you have got a contact person who is on-site daily and coordinates the temporary employees focused. That may also include temporary workers from different personnel service providers, or in-house employees. These "personnel specialists", which are involved in your operations, ensure that the matching personnel is applicable in the right place at the right time. You, as a customer, won't have to deal with candidate search, job interviews or the selection of employees. You only have to concern yourself with staff coordination and quality control. The on-site-manager works tightly together in coordination with you, and ensures that work processes run smoothly. Depending on request and need this can be the induction or even the complete head of operations and planning of the respective workplace. An on-site-manager is accountable for the necessary quality management and reporting within the business processes.

You decide where we may relieve you!

Advantages with an on-site-manager:

  • Significant less administrative expense
  • One central contact person who's specialized on personnel matters
  • Coordination of all personnel-relevant questions
  • More personnel-flexibility
  • Matching personnel fast by selection procedures
  • Saves time, expenses and in-house personnel
  • Reporting & quality control
  • Transparency

This is what we can do for you:

  • Shared preparation of an effective on-site-mangement-concept
  • We provide you with a specialist aside, whether hourly or daily
  • Definition of the necessary staff-qualifications
  • Precise coordination and planning of personnel deployment on-site
  • Quality control and meaningful reporting to your HR managers

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