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      WE PROVIDE MORE - working at acrobat is worth it!
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Our services:

  • We provide you an excellent, highly scaled payment according to the collective agreement of the BAP.

  • You receive every legal sector supplements as well as Christmas- and holiday pay.

  • We pay for fare and additional food expenses.

  • In addition you receive a complete employer financed operational pension scheme.

  • We are offering a free of charge driver service in the "Achern" area, which takes you to work and back daily.

  • Our foreign employees receive additional gratuitous German courses.

  • We are working solely with well-known companies.

  • We concider and respect the cultural and religious aspects of every human being and regard those during the integration of every employee.

  • We support your apartment search, we attend your visits to the authorities and support that you and your family feel good within our company.

  • Our respect: We appreciate any living condition

Our employees are thankful for every help they can get. We feel confirmed at our work due to the gratitude of our employees. 

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