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      APPLICANTS-RECRUITING - quality by applicants
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Applicants network

We have a qualitative pool of highly-valued applicants contacts which we built up carefully and conscientious. The candidates are constantly updated. The candidates apply to us because they gladly wish to change their workplace, just finished their apprenticeship respectively their studies, or because they are actively in search for a job. Our constant contact to them allows us to get to know their personality closer and to participate in their professional career.

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Our applicants pool consists of: 

  • Qualified applicants with relevant work experience. They provide high experience and competence.

  • Experts like technicians, engineers and Bachelor graduates. These provide expertise and know-how.

  •  Well-educated career starters. Thie group is valuable for a long-term development and to bring a fresh breeze into your team.

  • Specialists from all across Europe: internal mother-tongue experts recruit in Poland, Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary to fill in the gaps.
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